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We’re donating 10% of profits to the WWF throughout August and this is why.

MARINE TURTLES (Hawksbill Turtle)

These amazing little guys are critically endangered with only around 8000 remaining.

Marine turtles have been in our oceans for over 100 million years and are vital to keeping the ocean food chain healthy.

The hawksbill turtles eat a lot of sea sponges, which would otherwise out-compete reef building corals. The turtles help to protect the coral reef, which are crucial for survival for many other creatures.

The turtles are struggling to survive for many reasons. From new coastal developments which are destroy nesting beaches, to unsustainable fishing leading to turtles getting tangled in fishing nets causing them to drown

What action has been taken?

In Tanzania alone, they have set up 60 community based “beach management units” to help turtles that have been caught up in nets or had their nesting sites hampered. In addition to this they work alongside fisherman to help them see the importance of turtle conservation

This is only one case of the amazing work the WWF do, in one area, with one animal.

The breadth of their work is amazing and a cause that needs your support for continued successes like the example I have shown above.









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