Memory Lane

Making Memories | Sharing Laughter
Hold Up! If you think you & your besties have funnies, send them in to: 
A gift is just a gift unless it has meaning. Our True friendship bracelets are a representation of the memories you and your besties share. 
We exist to make your gifting experience soo much more! All we do is simply give you a nudge... Then it's up to you. Write a memory that makes you laugh and put it in your Suffolk Parade gift box. 

Have you got a good story? Come on... Share like these guys and gals. 

  Whaatttt!! GO JAMES! It's so awesome to see our true friendship bracelets being chosen as an anniversary gift! Congratulations Becky! Xoxo






Ohh My Abigail! Sounds like somebody has taken great joy in from your super traumatic experience... Stay safe on the slopes. Xoxo