'My proudest moment is when I walk down the street and see someone wearing Suffolk Parade'
'Honestly, it doesn't happen all too often, we're a young brand, but when it does it's amazing. I kinda get that excited butterfly feeling.
I was at a wedding last year and was so excited to see all of the bridesmaids and the bride wearing our True Friendship Bracelets. Whenever they wear their Suffolk Parade bracelet from now on they'll think back to that speical day'
Oh, here's a few celebs looking gorgeous in Suffolk Parade.


Frankie Gaff - Supporting our breast cancer awareness campaign. 

A huge thank you to Frankie for this. Our aim last october was to raise awareness of breast cancer throughout October. With Frankie's help we received huge exposure. Love ya! 

Louise Thompson - Stacking with style. 
Jessica Rose - Making our classic Noir look POP!
Sam Thompson - Showing what were all about.