Our Story

More than just a bracelet – a trip down memory lane


I set out to create a “True friendship bracelet” that not only had personality but also represented experiences, memories and most of all brought smiles and laughter.

The definition of the brand lies within the twist in the bracelet. It’s a symbol of life twists and turns. To each of us, this is different, every story unique.

“Suffolk Parade is more than a brand or a bracelet, it’s a trip down memory lane with laughter around every corner.”

The gift of laughter


With every bracelet you’ll receive a little memories card – This card is going to be left pretty blank, with only a prompt…

Now, it’s up to you, think back to the amazing experiences you’ve shared together and write down the one that makes you laugh the most. By the time your bestie opens their Suffolk Parade gift, you will have a stockpile of funnies in the back of your mind ready to share. Sit back, share, laugh and make new memories.

Every time you look down and see your Suffolk Parade, True friendship bracelet on your wrist, you’ll smile, you’ll think back to those happy, funny memories made with special friends. 

This is Suffolk Parade, this is the bracelet you get attached to, the memories, the happiness, and this is the gift that’s best served over a bottle of fizz to let the laughter flow.


Live, laugh, love.

Now, get out there and make some more!


Here’s a few we’ve received already, share your funnies and make someone’s day!