Our Story

Like many other brands, Suffolk Parade began as an idea. From scribbles on pieces of paper 2 years ago, to what is now a young brand in its growth stage of development.

Suffolk Parade is an exclusive online fashion brand that launched in August 2016. Developed in the UK by Founder Toby Dudfield, the brand bridges the classic/contemporary mould, focussing on the combination of classic elegance and contemporary chic. With this at the heart of all decisions at Suffolk Parade, we try to integrate a personality in each of our pieces.

For us, great quality and unique design are not enough, we celebrate individualism and this is expressed through our product range.

This is what we believe to be the definition of our brand.

What is Suffolk Parade?

Suffolk Parade is a small district based in the town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, and specifically, it sits within the every so popular Montpellier region. This district was originally developed in the 1830’s and many of the buildings have maintained their Georgian styling and classic, elegant feel.

Today, the Montpellier district has maintained its stylish 1830’s classic reputation but has developed a real modern/chic style that has made it the most sought-after district in the town of Cheltenham.

Why Suffolk Parade?

Our products were designed and made prior to being a business or having a name. The goal was to create a classic yet contemporary looking bracelet that focused on quality, individuality and of course bridging classic elegance and contemporary chic.

Following the creation of our first collection, we needed a fitting brand name. It had to maintain relevance to our classic/contemporary feel, stand for individuality and promote the locality of the UK design.

Suffolk Parade as a place defined our brand. On one side, we had the minimal sophistication, grace and elegance, and on the other, the youth, standing for style vibrancy and individuality.

Then one day, walking down this beautifully graceful street in Montpellier, Cheltenham our brand, Suffolk Parade was born.