Earning Trust

A moment of honesty, I worry every day, the only thing I am happy with is the product and how our journey was evolved. It’s a gorgeous True Friendship bracelet and the back story is genuine and I’m at complete ease with it.

Everything else… Blaaahhhh! 

My biggest concern when I launched Suffolk Parade was first; how do I get people to see my products. It was a bit of a, ohh *swear word* (feel free to fill in the blank). I have the product I love, how the hell do I get the world to see it...? That was sleepless night 1 to about 200. 

Secondly, how do I get people to trust my brand? Life is trust, my idea is built on friendship but how do I not only convey that, how do I provide comfort and familiarity… like a long-term friendship. The answer is you can’t, not in a day.

My thought process was simple on day one, get that little padlock at the top of the web page and people will trust you. How naive I was, face-palm moment and time for a re-think... Sleepless nights until now! 

This is when I decided hallmarking was key (amongst other things). I’m sure many of you know what hallmarking is but for those who don’t, it is your stamped certification of the quality of material used, for Suffolk Parade this is 925 sterling silver, and I have taken every single piece to the Birmingham Assay Office for testing and the stamp of approval. This is the quality to back the design and to complement our message of friendship. In time, I see this as a significant factor in building trust with all of you.

See, I know my products are great quality and I am happy to tell anybody that would listen, socially and on But, why should you believe or trust me, I'm just some guy that you've have never met screaming about these amazing friendship bracelets. Now you don’t need me shouting about it, it’s there, it’s been tested, and the quality is great. 

Yes, we are priced low in comparison to a lot of companies selling 925 Sterling Silver jewellery but hey, we can so we will. 

If you’re interested in our journey of how Suffolk Parade came to be, or honestly just fancy a chat, drop me an email and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I possibly can: 

From now on, every single product we sell will be hallmarked, and please don't worry about our amazing pricing, that's my problem, you have nothing at all to worry about because... Cough, cough HALLMARKED! 

Chat soon. 

Toby (Founder & Non-sleeping expert)